Photo by Chimene Gaspar 

It’s the end of the term and so I’ve decided to make this week’s post particularly short.

We constantly get bombarded with things that use up our time, our energy and quite often make us anxious. So here is a list of ideas that you can do in the following contexts:

Instead of saying YES, especially if you’re snowed under and you don’t really want to take on any extra work or obligations, try these:

  1. I’ll think about it
  2. I’ll get back to you (but don’t feel you need to give a timeframe, depending on circumstance)
  3. I’ll get back to you in ……….(a particular timeframe)
  4. I wish I could, but I know someone better who can help
  5. I’ll need some help for that to happen
  6. I’ll need some more time for that to happen in your timeframe that I currently don’t have, so you’re better asking someone else until I become available
  7. Don’t say anything  …. Just pause and wait
  8. No, that’s above my pay scale
  9. No, that’s below my pay scale
  10. No
  11. Try some humour
  12. Yes

A really short list to ask if you are feeling particularly anxious: 

  1. What am I terrified of?
  2. What am I REALLY terrified of?

A slightly longer list to ask if you are feeling particularly vulnerable:

  1. I need help …. (notice it’s not, DO I need help? … that’s a subtle difference)
  2. I’m not feeling too good do you have a moment to talk?
  3. I need to leave now for another appointment
  4. I need some more time to understand that, so if you need to, come back to me


Your Thoughts?