With the adventure of 2019 nearly behind us and the possibility of 2020 still to be considered, Steve and I are clocking out until later in January.

The 40 Hour Principal project has taken on a life of its own, and we will be back in the New Year to share ideas and provocations that just might lead to positive change in the world of school leadership.

Thanks for your interest and support up to this point – we are going to need your input when we kick-off again. Take it easy, be really kind to yourselves and enjoy the opportunity to freely do the stuff that makes you well and happy. Merry Christmas to you all.

Dave and Steve

Just for your interest, here are our top ten posts from 2019:

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9th      Ebbs and Flows

8th      Are We Winning? Update 1

7th      How Batching Can Help You

6th      Time is Precious

5th      Well-being is a Collective

4th      Boiling the Frog

3rd      Having No Finish Line is Good

2nd      Decision Fatigue

1st       Work Smarter – Not Harder- a teacher’s perspective


(You can connect with us over the Christmas period through The Forty Hour Principal Facebook page. )


Your Thoughts?